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"We all live under the same sky."

The Daniel Literary Awards: Sunday, May 1st at 1.30 p.m Leopards' Club

Read on the Days You Eat


The Daniel Literary Awards

Bermuda authors are on a roll producing a variety of genre. In 2019 we honoured 16 female writers at Cedarbridge Academy with the first "Crystal Butterfly Awards" . Covid prevented us from doing the men. The poster has their names: Tickets: The Music Box, Reid Street, Tuesdays to Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CaSH ONLY. The event will take place at The Leopards' Club at 1.30 p.m.. Tickets: $35 include presentations, awards , entertainment and refreshments.

No. 1   The Daniel Literary Awards: 

Sunday May 1st

The Leopards' Club

1.30 p.m.

See poster. Support our local writers.

No. 2 The Crystal Butterfly Awards will be Sunday, June 5th at 1.30 p.m.

at the Leopards' Club International. 8 women will be recognized. Guest speaker: Patrice Frith.

Info: 595-9841

Names and photos to be posted soon.

Read and learn. Visit. 

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JULY 23, 2021


You heard about them for years

If you go to St. David's you need a passport or a visa

We have both and a book filled with facts

Thank you. 

Make sure you get yours

Visas: $5 and $10 

Passport: $20

Book: $30

We deliver

Contact me at [email protected] or 595-9841

Update May 19, 2021


I would like to thank so many people who have encouraged me with the Reflections Project and have purchased the books, Passport, and Visas. It is indeed a beautiful book and I will never forget their assistance. Starting Saturday, May 19th I will be celebrating 8 Saturdays at 1.30 to 2.30 p.m., the "Darn D Road" Music Festival. Darn D Road was a famous Bermudian song popularized by Celeste Robinson and Al Harris at Harmony Hall. Their photos are in the book Music on the Rock. The first one will highlight Chares Michael "Curtis" Clarke who lived on angle Street. Social Distancing will be enforced. On Sale will be;

Reflections of St. David's

Music on the Rock

Football on the Rock

It Takes a Smiling Raindrop

The May 24th Marathon and


Performing will be Wendy Flood and Miles Manders. The ribbon will be cut at 1.45 by Selina "VaVa" Fields.

We also have a wide selection of Bermuda Roses for sale

Each week a different local artist will be featured. when driving through or walking by you will hear their songs.

Charles Michael "Curtis" Clarke was featured in my book "Curtis" 1979. Wow, how time passes. I was a kid who used to stand on mineral boxes to look into the window where Curtis Clarke and the Cortinas used to practice. amazing. I forgot I wrote the introduction to the CD that the late Eddie DeMello produced featuring his music.

Future Saturdays will feature:

Week 2: May 29th The Talbot Brothers

Week 3: June 5th Hubert Smith

Week 4: June 12th Stan Seymour

Week 5: June 19th Lance Hayward

Week 6: June 26th Violetta Carmichael

Week 7: July 3rd Ras MyKal

Week 8: July 10th The Bermuda Strollers

If this is successful we might add more or do it again next year

while at Rosalie Gardens, 35 Angle Street make sure you see the Music Wall of Fame which is NOT complete but progress is being made. 

All at 1.30 which ties in with The VA-Va Bermuda Music Show every Saturday on Magic 102.75 from 11.30 to 1.30

Monday, March  15, 2021

I have been publishing since 1978, just two years after returning from University. I have never ever experienced anything like what I went through to complete the project and even harder to get the books. Be that as it may, it looks like that journey is over and you can order now for delivery next week. Send questions and or order to:

Orders: [email protected] or call 595-9841 for delivery

See Fishcake news below

Get your copies of:

Reflections of St. David's

Griot: Parliament Street

Music Box: Reid Street

Brown and Co. Reid Street

Bermuda Bookstore: Queen Street

National Fishcake Day decreed: March 27, 2021

The DJ Flavour National Fishcake Day

To be celebrated Saturday, March 27, 2021, for the first time

with an extra day Sunday, March 28, 2021, both from 8 am to 1 p.m.

Sponsored by Atlantic Publishing House. Additional details coming with the press release.

Book prices


The Passport: 



[email protected] [email protected]


Upcoming Events


We have had to cancel due to Covid regulations

Plus we had no more books. As soon as we get them we will take orders and deliver.

"The Wooden Houses of Bermuda" is out of print. Some houses are still in existence and every now and then you can find a book in the second-hand stores.

One of the books I did captured a significant part of Bermudian life. I still have the video made of Dennis Lamb

Thank you war vets

That was a very nice service on Front Street honoring and remembering our war vets. I saw it on CITV Channel 2. When I returned home in 1976 I did not see much coverage in the newspapers being given to them. I contacted the Mid-Ocean News and they agreed to highlight them. So we have on digital file their stories which would have been lost. Reading them prompted me to do more oral research first with a tape recorder than a video camera. While cleaning house, during the start of Covid,  I found many things started, including this project, along with some of those early Mid-Ocean News Remembrance Day/War Veterans. Their stories are still relevant in schools today and for your own personal reading.  

I do most of my cleaning listening to a lot of interviews and this week, County Matches....the distinctive voice of Jim Woolridge and Shawn Tucker in a 1997 St. David's VS Flatts match that came through so clear neighbors often called to ask if a county match was on. Only when I asked them to tell me who was commentating did they say ....right Jim has gone must be a tape.


 Thank you Kevin Watson for allowing me to use your artwork to highlight this project.

It is recommended that you order early to avoid disappointment


Orders are being taken now in preparation for another shipment.

The artwork of Kevin Watson with an illustration indicating North American tribes

Kevin has a large section in the book on recipes.

The Royal Gazette: Oct 14, 2020

"Dark Bottom, a 1950s haven and horror: Oct. 14, 2020."

An interview with Edwin Cannonier

by Jessie Moniz Hardy

Please do not hesitate to contact me


[email protected]

St. David's is a part of Bermuda. These products highlight St. David's history, culture, and people. It builds on the foundation laid by earlier writers. It contains an introduction from former Minister Lovitta Foggo J.P.M.P.

Unique Christmas Gifts for 2020

These three products are well presented and are very informative. Every statement has a response from a St. David's Islander that you will never forget. You will get the first-hand experience as to why they love their Island and take great pride in their history, accomplishments, and culture. Enjoy the:

The St. David's Island Passport

The St. David's Island Visa

The book: Reflections of St. David's

 Contact Dale Butler to order before we get the next shipment.


[email protected]

[email protected]


At last "The St. David's Island Passport"

You will learn a great deal. Ensure you attach your passport photo and get it stamped as you tour St. David's. It also has lots of information. 

You will be impressed.

Great books on St. David's:

. St. David's Island, Bermuda. Its People, History, and Culture by St. Clair "Brinky" Tucker.

. Recollection and Reconnection. Voices of the St. David's Islanders and their Native American Relatives

. Life in Old St. David's by E.A. McCallan

 On Dec. 5th in St. David's

Reflections of St. David's Island

Read through the eyes of the "Billy Byes"

Why is the book Reflections of St. David's different?

Every statement has a St. David's Islander response: 

Here are examples and why Ronnie Chameau said: "it made me laugh and cry."

1. In Governor Moore’s time, “the sick and lazy were sent to Cooper’s Island.” 

✰ Today we are pleased with the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre and there are no lazy people around anymore because they were sent to you know where–next door–the mainland of Bermuda.

2. Early settlers came from Ireland, America, Wales, England, and the West Indies.

✰ I guess we were the first United Nations.

3. In 1934 the contractor of the bridge that joined St. David’s with St. George’s stated, “you people over here don’t need no bridge because after dark you don’t know who’s coming over here.”11

✰ He was absolutely right, but just like with the Base Lands, we gave in and let them build a bridge.

The book covers a variety of topics from history to the 1941 "USA/UK Lend Lease Agreement" to food and herbs. You will love the response to every statement made by the islanders who no longer bow to ridicule but stand with their heads held high because they are proud of their history and culture.

At last, you can ask for The St. David's Island Passport or Visa whenever any visitors come to St. David's Island. Why not take a tour after you have read the book? Even the Passport and Visa have excellent information and the book does not hide the documents about the 1941 "Lend-Lease" Agreement when the Islanders were forced to sell their land.

St. David's First

Every effort is being made to make the people of St.David's aware of these 3 new products before they are published in the daily newspaper from the mainland.  On Oct. 1, 2020 cards announcing this project will be handed out after people have voted, The website went live Oct. 2nd and letters have been delivered to businesses Oct. 3rd and 5th. It will hit The Royal Gazette and airways in late November.


     I am pleased to publish 3 new products relating to St. David's Island and its culture. 

    Twenty-five years ago I came up with the idea because the minute you mention you are going there, the first thing people say is: "Do you have your passport?" I put the idea in a box and recently while clearing house, I found 10 ideas. Nine were no longer relevant but this one, about St. David's, would not leave me alone so I decided to complete it: The St. David's Passport, Visa, and a book.

   St. David's is a part of Bermuda but was often left alone and the people rarely left because they made use of everything in their environment. But in 1941 they lost a significant amount of land with the "USA/UK Lend Lease Agreement" to build an airforce base to assist the USA to fight with the allies to destroy Hitler. Although finding it difficult to adjust to such a radical change in their landscape, the Islanders continued to work hard and fend for themselves and got on with their lives. The Islanders have always been resourceful and as a result, have a culture they can be proud of.

St. David's Culture

St. David's, Bermuda


The St. David's Passport

The St. David's Visa


Reflections of St. David’s Island Read through the eyes of the “Billy-Byes”

The book also gives short bites from a variety of authors and “The Billy-Byes” (Men and Women) as they have often been called.

Comments on the book

“When they had that referendum, a few years ago, about independence, and somebody came to me and asked me what I thought, I said it don’t matter to me - St. David’s has always been independent!”

(Bermuda 1899. The Memories of Emily Pugh (1888-1974). P3. by Scott Stallard)

“It is with pleasure that I write to congratulate Mr. Dale Butler JP, on the research and writing such a great account of the people and history of the Island and people of St. David’s Island. The research is so in-depth that it compels one to do their own, in doing so you will get a better understanding of my island and its people. The writing is some of the best I have seen as a fifth (5th) generation St. David’s Islander.”

(B. Russell Richardson CPSM)

“I always support any effort to educate and inform people about St David’s Island, its people, history, and culture which is unique and largely untold except at Carter House Museum. I applaud Dale Butler for this new writing “The St David’s Passport” and was happy to assist him with some of the histories for his use in this booklet”

(Richard D. Spurling, President, The St David’s Island Historical Society)

“A truly wonderful resource for anyone seeking to discover or rediscover the delightful cultural history and treasures that set St. David’s apart.”

(Lynn F. Phillips former History Teacher and Senior Education Officer, Curriculum and Instruction, Bermuda)

“What a wonderful ‘PASSPORT’ it brought me laughter and tears.”

(Veronica Chameau)

See also:

St. David's Island Bermuda. Its People, History, and Culture.

by St. Clair "Brinky" Tucker


Recollection and Reconnection. Voices of the St. David's Islanders and their native relatives by Dr. Rosalyn Howard PH.D.

Learn More